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What data does Ginger.io collect?

Sophie Griscom -

Ginger.io collects two types of data, both of which have been shown to be reliable predictors in monitoring mental health.

Self-reported information:

The first type is self-reported information, which you provide when you answer surveys. The questions change depending on your program and health condition. They generally include a mix of questions about your condition and your well-being. This helps us understand how you're managing your condition and how you're feeling overall.

Behavioral data:

The second type is behavioral data collected from the sensors in your smartphone. This data shows how you use your phone in your daily life. It includes:

  • Location data (Android + iOS) is GPS information on how far and how much you travel during the day. 
  • Communication data (Android) provides general information about your calling and texting patterns. We look for patterns in how many calls you make, for how long, to how many different people, at what times, etc. We do not collect any content (such as what you say).
  • Device events (Android) includes things like shutdowns, power ups, phone locks and unlocks to determine how and when you’re using your phone. No content from your phone or apps is ever recorded.
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