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How do I become a member of Ginger.io?

Alison Simon -

Ginger.io is a paid service. We are in the process of bringing everyone our membership plans. Both of our membership plans include a free trial, so you can be sure you love Ginger.io before you enroll. During this time, you will have unlimited access to a coach, a personalized care plan, tips, and exercises tailored to your specific needs. To continue enjoying Ginger.io after your free period, you must choose one of our two membership plans:

  • Our Basic Membership allows for unlimited access to your coach and our self-management tools.
  • With our Premium Membership, you receive all the benefits of the Basic Membership plus two 50-minute video sessions with a licensed therapist each month (California, Texas, and Washington only).
  • For additional therapy sessions, please email us at help@ginger.io (California, Texas, and Washington only).
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